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We welcome you to patentfactory patent attorneys, an international IP law firm located in Munich near to the headquarters of the European and German Patent and Trade Mark Office and the Federal Patent Court! - Our name is our mission.

What does patentfactory mean?

We provide highest quality of service, reliability with transparent cost structure and permanent improving procedure steps by using continously updated new IT technologiy and well educated people. Our stuff is well educated and have at least a law or technical degree. We are competent and reliable and advise on the field of intellectual property, especially in patent, utility patent, design and trade mark matters, and representing your cases in all matters before the German Patent and Trade Mark Office, the European Patent Office, the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market or the German Federal Patent Court, directly and with a network of patent attorneys as a single point of contact in all jurisdiction which you need.

If you want to know what a patentfactory is please read the following book "Inside the Patent Factory: The Essential Reference for Effective and Efficient Management of Patent Creation" written by
Donal O'Connell. It gives a good overview that at least three parties work creative together (1) the inventor(s) (2) the patent attorney(s) and (3) the patent Examiner(s) to establish new patent rights, in order to save a bright future for all people. Thus, a patent factory needs at least these three parties in order to work properly!

One article defines patent factory as follows:
"A patent factory is a company that generates patents but rarely builds products. The idea behind a patent factory is that the patented invention can be licensed out to generate an income.
This is very similar to a venture capitalist who invests in start-ups, for which at least one in every ten start-ups will give a very positive return. However, a patent factory does not invest in the people or infrastructure, just in patentable ideas."

Intellectual ventures is called sometimes as a patent factory.

If you want to know how India's patent factory works, you could find it here innature, Nature 442, 120 (13 July 2006) summarized as follows:
"Is India's 'patent factory' squandering funds? by K. S. Jayaraman; Research agency slammed for patenting everything.'Patent or perish' is the slogan of Ragunath Mashelkar, head of India's largest publicly funded scientific agency. Over the past decade he has turned the 40 or so labs under his control into a patent factory."

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